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Princeton DUI Lawyer

Princeton New Jersey is known the world over for the prestigious Princeton University. Our city is also recognized for the great community that has been built up around the school containing many excellent bars and restaurants. Because of the proximity of the town to the interstate, many people decide to stop and have a few drinks in our historic city and then drive intoxicated to their next destination. Because of the increase of drinking and driving by students, community members, and tourist the county and state are beginning to crack down on DUI. With the increase in DUI arrests and convictions, the Law Office of Douglas Herring has established the New Jersey DUI Help Center to assist those who are accused of Drinking and Driving.

In the state of New Jersey the stigma or being charged with a DUI can be life-shattering. Without the representation of a Princeton DUI Lawyer, you can face extremely high insurance rates, IID, fines, and jail time. Because of the nature of DUI, it can also be increasingly difficult to find a job or continue you higher education. Our qualified team will be able to review your case and work to get you the best possible results.

The New Jersey DUI Help Center

The leader or our legal team Princeton DUI Lawyer Douglas Herring has an impressive amount of experience on both sides of the courtroom. As an attorney Douglas has worked with courts across the United States in many areas to hone his skills. With this unique skill set, Douglas is familiar with how police handle criminal investigations and the techniques that the county and state will use against you because I have done the same thing before. I also make sure that my clients know that when it comes to being a Princeton DUI Lawyer, I take my job very seriously. I will tirelessly address details in your case by making a complete investigation which will leave no stone unturned. When I started the New Jersey DUI Help Center, it was to make sure that the citizens of New Jersy would get the best help necessary. If you would like to contact us, we are available 24 hours a day for a free consultation. You call, and I answer it is as simple as that. When you need a Princeton DUI Lawyer, you can count on me.