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Forfeiture Attorney

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Asset forfeiture is a process by which the government confiscates, and ultimately seizes, private property. If you’ve been the victim of this frightening legal process, you’ll need the advice and experience of a trusted forfeiture attorney like Douglas Herring, who has been serving the residents of New Jersey as a forfeiture attorney for more than fifteen years. As a former prosecuting attorney, Douglas Herring knows just what it takes to provide you with the defense you need to get the money – and the property – that belongs to you.

How do you know if you need a forfeiture attorney?

There are a few ways to tell if you’ll need the aid of an experienced, trusted forfeiture attorney like Douglas Herring:

  1. Has your property been seized because of an erroneous claim that it is part of an illegal transaction? The government can confiscate, and ultimately seize, property and assets if it can be proven that they are “ill-gotten gains.” However, the key words here are “if it can be proven.” That doesn’t often stop the government from confiscating, and ultimately seizing your property, so if your property has been taken because of an erroneous claim of “ill-gotten gains,” you will need to contact an experienced attorney like Douglas Herring.
  2. Has your property been confiscated and seized for seemingly no reason at all? Sometimes, the government will seize your property without any cause or explanation, and you won’t even need to have a pending criminal case against you for it to happen. If this is the case, you need to immediately contact Douglas Herring, the forfeiture attorney you can trust to handle a case like this in a quick and efficient manner.

If You’ve Been the Victim of Asset Forfeiture, Contact a Forfeiture Attorney in New Jersey!

Because of his exceptional and intimate knowledge of how prosecutors think and work, Douglas Herring is the perfect attorney to hire if you need to mount an impenetrable defense against the government. So if you’ve been the victim of asset forfeiture, contact the most experienced forfeiture attorney in New Jersey: Douglas Herring!