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Expungement Attorney

Expungement Attorney
Were you convicted of a crime? Are you sick of being weighed down by your criminal record? You need an expungement attorney. The Law Office of Douglas Herring can help. Douglas has helped many clients expunge their records.

What is Expungement?

If you were ever arrested, it goes on your criminal record. If you were convicted of a crime, that goes on your criminal record too. The court keeps detailed documentation of everything. Employers and apartments often check your record. Just one arrest can cost you big. Some offenses have even greater implications.

An expungement attorney can help. Expungement is achieved through court proceedings. When a judge rules in your favor, it’s like saying nothing ever happened. All traces are completely removed from your record. You will be freed of the heavy weight.

Benefits of Expungements:

  • More Employment Opportunities
  • More Housing Options
  • Gun Rights
  • Better Reputation

Who is Eligible for Expungement?

An expungement attorney can evaluate your eligibility. Determining factors include:

  • The Conviction: Some convictions, such as murder or sexual assault, cannot be expunged.
  • Number of Convictions: They will only grant expungement so many times.
  • Fines: You should pay your fines before going to court.
  • Pending Charges: If there are charges pending against you, now might not be the best time.
  • Time Since Conviction: New Jersey has wait time guidelines.

Expungement Attorney Douglas Herring will evaluate your case. He will tell you if now is the right time. If not, he will advise you on wait time. Douglas never charges for consultations.

Expungement Process

Your expungement attorney should be familiar with the process. Douglas has helped many clients get their records expunged. You want a good expungement attorney to help. You want an expungement attorney with a successful track record.
The expungement process includes:

  • Determine Legibility
  • Obtain Criminal History Documentation
  • Obtain Court Disposition
  • Complete Government Forms
  • Notarize Signatures

Douglas is very familiar with the process. He will make sure everything is precise and on time. We can help you get your life back.

Attorney Douglas Herring

Douglas has over 15 years of criminal case experience. He has participated in over 100 jury trials. He used to be an assistant prosecutor in Middlesex, so he knows both sides of the law. Let his experience help you. You need an expungement attorney who knows how to get things done.
Douglas offers free no obligation consultations. Call him at 609-256-4098. You first need an expungement attorney to evaluate your eligibility. You shouldn’t have to pay the rest of your life for one mistake. Attorney Douglas Herring can help.