DWI dismissed

Defendant arrested for DWI in Plainsboro. Facing up to 1-year suspension, fines, and the possibility of jail.

Result: DWI dismissed! Plead to Careless Driving, Failure to Observe, Driving of a closed road. No suspension. Fine only.

Domestic Violence – Case Dismissed

Domestic violence case from Mercer County dismissed after we refused the prosecutor’s offer.

Misdemeanor-Level Disorderly Offenses

Guy charged with felony-level indictable crimes in Union County and two cases in Somerset County. Charged with misdemeanor-level cases as disorderly person offenses in Newark and Plainsboro Municipal Courts. Facing up to 24 1/2 years in prison.
Newark cases dismissed
Plainsboro case as fine with no jail
Union county case as probation with no jail.
Somerset cases as Probation with minimum sentence of 180 jail, which he does not serve until he successfully graduates from drug treatment and halfway house.

DWI Case Result – Refusal Dismissed

DWI: Defendant hit and knocked over a street light in one town. He was driving in another town with the damaged car and missing headlight. The police stopped him and he admitted drinking long island ice teas. He refused to take a breathalyzer test. He has a prior DWI. He received a DWI, Refusal, and 9 tickets from the one city and 7 tickets from the other city. … We filed a motion to have the Assignment Judge in charge of the county order the two cases into one court. The prior DWI was not used to enhance his sentence. The prosecutor dismissed the refusal ticket. The defendant wound up with the lowest possible suspension of 3 months and all the other tickets were dismissed.

I would definitely recommend you

“Thank you so much for the time you spent with us on Monday night (and for getting in touch so quickly and being so flexible with your schedule). …I would definitely recommend you to anyone who has the misfortune of ending up in this situation and can’t thank you enough!”

Domestic Violence – All charges dismissed

Dismissal of all charges from a domestic violence arrest. Defendant had been charged with harassment and throwing an object that hit a child. All charges dismissed.

All charges dismissed

Dismissal of all charges from a claim that the defendant smashed a window and stole property from inside a vehicle. Review of video showed unable to prove the defendant caused the damage. Prosecutor dismissed the charges.

PTI for woman accused of theft and trespassing

Defendant found inside a house and the owner claimed items were missing. On the day of trial, the prosecution offered PTI diversion with no guilty plea and no restitution.

PTI diversion for man caught with 100 folds of heroin

PTI diversion for man caught with 100 folds of heroin. Convinced prosecution the drugs were for personal use and the defendant was accepted into diversion.

Sex Crime Charges dropped to disorderly conduct

First Degree Sex Crime where defendant was accused of sexually abiding his daughter. Plead guilty to Disorderly Conduct for a fine.

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