Case Result : No jail. Very happy client!

Second Degree Endangering the Welfare of a Child. With client’s prior record, certain prison sentence of 5 to 10 years. Demonstrated the weakness in the State’s case. Prosecutor agreed to reduce the case to Disorderly Conduct, the equivalent of a misdemeanor. No jail. Very happy client.

Case Result : Judge ordered the client release from jail immediately!

Client arrested for illegal possession of a handgun. The prosecution filed a detention motion to keep him in jail until the trial. Filed a motion and forced the prosecution to dismiss the most serious charge. The judge ordered the client’s release from jail immediately.

Case Result: From Attempted Murder to Recklessness

1st degree attempted murder. The prosecution offered 10 years with a requirement to serve 85% before any parole. Filed two motions and prosecutor reduced case to a 3rd degree for recklessly causing injury. Probation with time served and release from jail. The client is very, very happy.

DWI Dismissed

Client located at his vehicle when the police arrive for a 911 call of an assault. Police said they smelled alcohol and had the driver do some field sobriety tests. Client blew .10 BAC.

Because of Miranda warning violations, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the DWI and all tickets. The client is very, very happy!

Case Result – 2nd Degree Endangering the Welfare of a Child

DISMISSED. Filed a complex motion to suppress the stop, including hundreds of pages of exhibits. Union County Prosecutor’s Office dismissed all the criminal charges. The judge granted an expedited expungement to remove any trace of the dismissed case.

Case Result – Criminal Drug Charge

Dismissed. Municipal Court arrest for possession of drugs. Criminal Charges Dismissed. Client paid a small fine for violating a township ordinance. No criminal record.

Case Result – Assault

Man accused of assault on a flight attendant during a Frontier Airline flight. Case dismissed. Proved the event did not occur and filed a motion to dismiss for lack of territorial jurisdiction.

Case Result – Illegal Search

Out of state visitor arrested for a crime. Proved search was illegal using the body camera videos. Prosecutor dismissed criminal charges. Client did not need to return to New Jersey.

Case Result – Embezzlement

Manager accused of embezzling thousands of dollars using fraudulent records. Convinced the prosecutor to accept the defendant into PTI. Client will have no criminal conviction.

Case Result

.18 BAC in Bound Brook. Demonstrated the timeline for the breath tests was inconsistent with the police officer’s report. Filed motion to suppress the evidence. Breath test results excluded. Reduced to lowest tier for minimum 3 month suspension.

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