Judge dismissed all the charges!

Client charged with having several stolen credit cards and drugs in his car, which were the equivalent of serious felonies.  Convinced the County Prosecutor’s office to downgrade the case to Municipal court as the equivalent of a misdemeanors.  Filed a motion in municipal court and had all the evidence suppressed.  Judge dismissed all the charges.

Client was a freshman in college when he was arrested for the felonies and starting his senior year when the case was dismissed.  It took a long time and we never gave up.  Our client’s mother said we saved his future.  

All Criminal Charges dismissed!  DWI dismissed.  No suspension.

State Police stopped our client and saw a heroin fold on the passenger seat.  The trooper was a DRE and did field sobriety tests on our client at the scene.  Arrested for DWI and possession of heroin.  Case downgraded from Superior Court.  Drug charges dismissed.  At trial, DWI dismissed.  Client pleads guilty to traffic tickets with no suspension.

Case Result: DWI dismissed!

DWI dismissed!  Judge suppressed evidence after a hearing where we proved the police did not have a reason to ask our client to perform the field sobriety tests and did not perform the tests correctly.  (You should always have a lawyer who is certified in the field sobriety tests.).

Client was very happy!

Case Result: Jury found him not guilty one afternoon!

JURY TRIAL!  Client charged with 2nd Degree Burglary & Endangering the Welfare of a Child.  Maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.  Two week jury trial with expert testimony.

Jury found him not guilty one afternoon.  Client is very, very happy!

Case Result: No Jail and Client was Very Happy

The defendant charged in one case with 3rd-degree theft and the second, a case of credit card fraud.  Prosecutor dismissed all felony-level charges and reduced to two misdemeanor-level charges.  No jail.  Small fine.  The client was very happy.

Case Result: Reduced Suspension

DWI case in Hillsborough court. Defendant offered 7-month suspension with another lawyer. Hired our firm. Found the police violated the testing procedure for the Alcotest machine. Prosecutor agreed the breath test results were unreliable. The final sentence was a 3-month suspension. The client saved 4 months of suspension by changing attorneys.

Case result: DWI Dismissed

DWI dismissed in Montgomery. Police performed field sobriety tests and client passed tests. Police stopped the video recording to discuss the results. Police did a second field sobriety test to have different results. Defendant arrested for DWI. Case result: DWI dismissed. Client admitted careless driving ticket.

Case Results – DWI with Drugs: All Charges Dismissed

DWI with drugs. Police arrived to a collision where a car had struck a traffic light. All charges against our client were dismissed.

Case Result : No jail. Very happy client!

Second Degree Endangering the Welfare of a Child. With client’s prior record, certain prison sentence of 5 to 10 years. Demonstrated the weakness in the State’s case. Prosecutor agreed to reduce the case to Disorderly Conduct, the equivalent of a misdemeanor. No jail. Very happy client.

Case Result : Judge ordered the client release from jail immediately!

Client arrested for illegal possession of a handgun. The prosecution filed a detention motion to keep him in jail until the trial. Filed a motion and forced the prosecution to dismiss the most serious charge. The judge ordered the client’s release from jail immediately.

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