Armed Robbery Attorney

armed robbery attorney

Why You Need an Armed Robbery Attorney

It is never a smart idea to act as your own lawyer. But there are some cases where it matters a lot more to have a legal representative working on your behalf. If you have been charged with first-degree robbery in the state of New Jersey, you will want to have an experienced and qualified armed robbery attorney in your corner. The penalties for armed robbery can have a deep impact on the rest of your life. And the defense required to fight an armed robbery charge is complex. To underscore these facts, learn why more about why you need an armed robbery attorney.

New Jersey Considers this a Serious Crime

Robbery is distinct from theft because the person(s) being robbed are put at risk of violence by the person committing the robbery. Since this represents a serious breach of public safety, the state of New Jersey takes this crime very seriously. You can expect them to pursue an aggressive prosecution and recommend the strictest penalties allowed by law. The only way to fight back is with an armed robbery attorney.

The Penalty is Severe

If you are found guilty of armed robbery in New Jersey you will face 10-20 years of prison time. And since the state considers this a major crime, you will be required to serve at least 85% of your sentence before you are eligible for parole. That means you will be locked away for a period of years, and possibly a large portion of your life. An armed robbery attorney can help you argue your innocence or negotiate a reduced sentence.

A Felony Charge Sticks with You for Life

Even after you serve time for armed robbery, the consequences of the charge have a big impact on your quality of life. Having a felony on your record makes it much harder to find work and a stable place to live. You will also have freedoms like the right to vote revoked. Plus, the stigma of being a criminal can damage your relationships with friends and family. An armed robbery attorney can help you keep a felony charge off your record.

The sooner you contact an armed robbery attorney, the stronger your defense is likely to be. Contact the Law Office of Douglas Herring by calling 609-256-4098.